The Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance (GBCA), is using the Walters Art Museum's exhibit Maps: Finding Our Place in the World as a catalyst for the city-wide Festival of Maps.   The GBCA believes The Festival of Maps will create positive energy, conversation and attention while promoting Baltimore and its cultural institutions.   MICA's exhibition Beyond the Compass, Beyond the Square will be a part of this energy and conversation as a satellite exhibition for Maps: Finding Our Place in the World.

MICA's Beyond the Compass, Beyond the Square exhibition centers around the theme of mapping.   The role of a map is to simplify vast/complex space in a more noticeable and therefore understandable way.   Maps: Finding Our Place in the World proves that although maps can be used to navigate toward a treasure, hanging on a wall at the Walters Art Museum, maps can also be treasures in and of themselves.

"After looking a map, you can then insert yourself in it."

The artist, Lee Freeman, spent the majority of his research efforts experiencing Mount Vernon Park. From several 24-hour on-site studies he collected drawings, writings, conversations, photographs and video directly related to the space.   Notable conversations occurred with members of the Friends of Mount Vernon Place community group, tourists, Peabody students, Walters Art Museum staff, members of Baltimore Parks and Recreation Department, homeless people and other Baltimore residents. These visits were supplemented with continual off-site studio work and research.