Partners of the exhibition Beyond the Compass, Beyond The Square include eight other participating artists and students in George Ciscle's Exhibition Development Seminar, co-curators of the exhibition.   These other students have been continually working to create significant interactions specifically related to Mount Vernon Park.   The Walters Museum, specifically Will Noel - Curator in Residence and Gary Vikan - President, have played a pivotal role in the creation and forming of Beyond the Compass, Beyond the Square. Through collaborative experiences, partners of the exhibition map the site and the city, creating direct interactions that allow for considerations beyond the square.

All visitors who will have the opportunity to participate in the events and interactions related to the fence and the exhibition will also be important partners.   All additional discourse/dialogue and physical interactions with the fence will encourage questioning, and therfore mapping within and around Mount Vernon Place through:

•  organized community events in the park (film screenings, First Thursdays and more)

•  artist talks (at the park, MICA, Walters)

•  web logs (created by both the artist and the exhibition)

•  printed media (about the fence and the exhibition, by the artist and exhibition partners)

•  recorded phone dialog (via provided number on plaques at park-site)

•  conversations within and related to the park (on an ongoing basis until least the end of the exhibition- May 20, 2008)

The gold fence aims to maximize an interaction between the community and its site, as well as open the same opportunity to be seen elsewhere, (via references of art, history, construction sites, parks etc).  The internet allows the invitation to reach out even further.  




The fence will be painted gold, installed, and de-installed in cooperative efforts bringing together people and space through conversation and physical activity. Though each event sounds labor intensive, (and it is believed that hard work can bring the greatest rewards), physical efforts are not required. Nourishment in the form of food and live music will be provided and good company is important. All are welcome, and more so encouraged to join in this celebration of art in the park. Please contact the artist via email or phone, if you, friends, neighbors and/or family would like more information on any of these "jobs"/events.






"Framing Mount Vernon Place" is quite a large scale artwork and has equally large scale positive potential. Any in-kind donataions of paint, fencing, rollers, roller pads, paint brushes, masks, rags, tarps, gloves or food would be greatly appreciated. Financial assistance or referrals to potential funding sources, no matter how big or how small, would also go a long way. Please call or email the artist and find out more about what is needed and how your gifts can give back.