Methods to Measure Success

Substantial conversation at and about Mount Vernon Park will continue up to and beyond the installation date and will help to measure the projects success in terms of the quantity and quality of consideration toward the park.

All information and documentation will be compiled and applied for further projects, available for the city, artists, and the general public.   Additionally video documentation created through out the process will be presented at a film screening scheduled in the park during the exhibition (April 26, 2008) and footage will be collected until the end of the exhibition.  

Feedback from any/all involved at any step of the process is of equal importance.



Residents of the Mount Vernon neighborhood, MICA, the Walters Art Museum staff, the Peabody Institute, visitors to Beyond the Compass Beyond the Square and Maps: Finding Our Place in the World (expected to draw from far outside of Baltimore City), and any member of the general public who notices the gold chain-link fence framing this normally open park. Press is scheduled to review the exhibitions on March 10, 2008 and will also be involved in publicly evaluating this work.   Those exposed to related media, in conventional print, the world-wide-web, or the radio will be responsible for evaluation of the work.



Whether or not the project is successful will be discussed with those involved in the exhibitions development: members of community organizations, members of the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore Parks and Recreation Department representatives, fellow artist's, curators, and MICA faculty in meetings during and after the exhibition in Mount Vernon Place.